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Doctoral Network in Molecular Biosciences

John Eriksson, Chair
Kid Törnquist, Vice-chair
Annika Meinander, Scientific secretary
Fredrik Karlsson, Coordinator

Principal investigators:
John Eriksson
Kid Törnquist
Annika Meinander
Daniel Abankwa
Eleanor Coffey
Peter Mattjus
Pia Roos-Mattjus
Jessica Rosenholm
Cecilia Sahlgren
Lea Sistonen
Diana Toviola

The purpose of Turku Doctoral Network in Molecular Biosciences (MolBio) at Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) is to provide training and education leading to a successful PhD degree in Cell and Molecular Biosciences, including interdisciplinary research in related areas. The network aims to excel in graduating internationally highly qualified PhD students by ensuring high impact research and top-quality supervision, by providing broad course curriculum and access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure, and training in cutting-edge technologies, and by enhancing student well-being.

MolBio belongs to the joint umbrella organization Turku BioNet of BioCity Turku, including eight doctoral programs. This organization adds a substantial critical mass to graduate student training providing the participating students with a much larger and far-reaching social network to interact than if they would be only within their own program. Turku BioNet organizes joint lectures, practical courses and special seminars without undermining the specific roles of individual doctoral programs.

The MolBio strategy for excellent PhD quality lies within student supervision, its course curriculum, its cutting-edge technologies, and in high-impact research. Supervision is granted via the supervisor and the thesis advisory committee. A key aspect of monitoring the progress of individual students and for their personal development is the annual report, which the student presents on an annual follow-up meeting with an advisory committee. Training activities, such as joint journal clubs, the monthly MolBio Seminars, the annual MolBio Winter School, and joint Turku BioNet seminars are cornerstones in complementing their broad course curriculum. The students are also encouraged to participate in international meetings abroad, and to obtain relevant training in the laboratories of national and international collaborators. In addition, MolBio organizes special seminars and courses on transferrable skills and career development.

The handbook for the Doctoral Network in Molecular Biosciences can be found here

The most current student information is found on the Moodle pages available for all registered student here